I wanted to thank all of our customers again so much for supporting us in our inaugural CSA year for 2019, and joyfully welcome our newcomers.  We’ve had a few glitches since the end of last season, but the computer is fixed, the property isn’t being sold this summer, and despite the state of the world right now we’re raring to go for our second season.  As of last night, the website is (mostly) done and we’re opening up for 2020 CSA orders!  If you head on over to www.growanstede.com you’ll notice a few changes–we’re offering new share sizes, adding pastured chicken this year, AND going for the full-summer weekly delivery!  (Note that the site is best viewed from a computer right now–we’re fixing some mobile/tablet bugs.)  We also have a few worker shares available this year if you or someone you know wants to get your hands dirty this summer.  

Delivery 3.png

As always, if what we’re offering doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out to see if we can work something out.

Milwaukee deliveries will remain on Booth St (thank you Anna!) and we’re working on a handy-dandy ‘Growanstede CSA Member Handbook’ to try to streamline and clarify some things for people.  Madison deliveries are still looking for a drop point–again, if you or anyone you know are interested in being a host, please reach out!


We are so very proud to have been your farmers last summer, and are looking forward to any future partnerships!

Stay Healthy, and Munch On!