So many promises I gave you, to relay the rest of the “Ella got Damaged in France” saga.  And then, as so often happens, life became huge and demanding and I put my own desires on the back burner (blogging, for one.  Some of my creating and journaling, for another).  It seems that over this last year I have too often put my own personal life aside so I can give to the five other humans I live with.  These guys–the kids especially–seem to be at the age where they need so much.  It’s so much more than the simple directives they received when they were younger.  Now there are hormones and girlfriends and expectations and the emotional energy I give to these guys has seemed overwhelming lately on top of working, and cooking, and planning and organizing.

Of course we try to sneak in a few adventures now and then.  As I type I’m looking up at our wall with it’s two muddy canoes draining onto towels.  Everyone stores canoes vertically in their living room, right? Oh….just us?

It boils down to…hi.  I’m working on being better to myself.  I want to spend time blogging and I won’t feel guilty about it anymore. ūüėõ  I look forward to talking to you all at least once a week (twice if I can scrounge up the old photos for a throwback post from this last year).  Here we are right now, here we stand.  Growing where we place our feet.

Talk to you soon (for real this time).