The 2020 CSA season is right around the corner. In just one week, the first share of the season will be distributed.

It has been an interesting year so far, 2020. “Dumpster Fire” is probably the nicest description I’ve seen. Deciding whether or not this was a good year to grow our business took up a lot of conversation time earlier in the year, which actually pushed back our launch for the season. There were some up-in-the-air moments when we weren’t sure if the property was going to be sold, we weren’t sure if we’d ever be able to get the computer fixed, we weren’t sure if we needed to just give up on the farm stuff and get ‘normal’ jobs to expedite the farm purchase…but here we are. Growing anyway–in more ways than one–in the midst of an overdue nationwide civil rights movement, a global pandemic, and apparently murder hornets and the remnants of a gulf hurricane sweeping over our fields. It means that this growing season looks different. It has to; the whole world looks different.

I’ve been quiet on the business end of the social media and tech front the last few weeks. Trying to let the voices that need to be heard during this time emerge a little more clearly from the maelstrom of voices slamming through the internet waves daily. I’ve made some sincere attempts to amplify those voices as I can, to share that which can make a positive impact based on what BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) nearby and further afield have raised as issues and offered as solutions. It is important to us that white supremacy be addressed and that racism eradicated. It is important that we understand that this nation has a problem. That’s the first step to fixing things, right? Admit you have a problem? This nation was built on the backs of an enslaved people and the enslavement has mutated. Sometimes there are still chains. Sometimes there are still other corporeal outcomes. It’s still here, and we’re here to say that that’s not okay and we will support the changes that need to happen, and stand behind those who are actuating that change.

Here’s a small but important, powerful video I’d like to share, before I get to the small business announcement that ends this post:

I hadn’t planned on sharing this and even as I type this, I’m like “wow, ok. I’m really doing it.” Azure Mahara ‘s photography of Milwaukee’s current uprising gave me chills from the moment I first saw the images. After a couple of sleepless nights, I finally dozed off and this short film came to me in a dream along with several resistance poems I love. I hadn’t planned on sharing this, as stated above. It was more of a creative fulfillment. I sent it to Azure and thanked her for inspiring me and she encouraged me to share-so, here we are. I hope you all enjoy. I’m excited to see more art that comes from this uprising. 🖤

Posted by Krystal Danielle on Saturday, 6 June 2020

As a small addendum, we really are a week out from our first delivery. There will be a larger announcement on Friday or Saturday about what that will look like (we’ve had a few tropical storm issues. Yes, I really just wrote that.), but for now, you can check out your email if you’re a member for your personal share and site handbook, otherwise if you’re just visiting, you can take a look here. Thanks for your support. Here we go!