I feel lately that there’s no down time around these parts. Even when there’s a polar vortex and snow days the farm is a busy place. This time of year, it’s primarily organizational. We’ve been having a lot of fun poring over seed catalogs, and doodling logos, and making plans to take action. Tonight, after several days of work I finally put in our order for brochures for our inaugural CSA. (PS I’ve gotten really good at spelling ‘inaugural’).

It seems surreal, really. Just before the move, at my mom’s surprise 60th birthday party, I spoke with one of my childhood best friend’s mothers, sharing excitement and plans for our move, and…she said something that struck me. She said, ‘I remember you talking about wanting to have a farm all the way back when you were in middle school’. Wait–what? Really? I…wow. I guess so. It really has been in the my dreams since I was little. It really does seem surreal. Like this is still a hope and a dream and a prayer away but here we are caring for exactly 105 chickens and 15 chicks (who are currently housed in the living room) and poring over seed catalogs. And writing brochures. Brochures!

So I’d like to officially step up here in the blog and say, hello, my name is Jessa and my family and I just started Growanstede Smallhold. We’re offering an inaugural 10-15 share CSA this year, that is a 10-box, bi-weekly delivery, that delivers to Milwaukee and Madison. If you’ve got any interest, you can fill out the form that the ‘Inaugural CSA’ link up there redirects you to (or click here).

This year is a learning year, so we’re looking for people who have a little more flexibility. We are charging a wee bit less in exchange for that flexibility, and are asking also that anyone who signs up gives us a LOT of feedback. Talk to us! Help us to grow, and give you what you want.

I’m telling you, this is surreal.

Also, I really am working on the website and blog. Between ‘real’ work, kids, home, farm, farm, and farm (and website falls under ‘farm’) it’s coming along. We’ve got a brand new flock of chickens I want to talk about! And how ’bout that wood stove, eh? Also, um, we have a 15 year old?! Soon, soon, my lovelies.

PS Thank you all so much for being here, and for all of your support. We couldn’t do it without you.

PPS The chicks in the living room are really, really cute.